RGB NIR lens for 8k line camera


Sill launches first RGB-NIR lens for 8k line scan camera.

New camera technology requires new lens designs. That is why Sill Optics launches its first RGB-NIR lens for 8k line scan camera. Teledyne Dalsa offers special line scan cameras with Red, Green, Blue and NIR sensitive line. Common entocentric lens designs lack on the correction of axial color shift. Typically, blue or NIR channel is blurred. Sill Optics now designed an f’65mm lens for 8k with 5μm (line length 40mm) or 7.5μm (line length 56mm) to start a small series that fulfills the customers' demand in color correction for all 4 waveband channels. Further on, Sill Optics offers to tailor a lens that fits to these
cameras and your individual application.

More information can be found here: Highlights 2024