Discontinuated Illuminations

During the last years, glass manufacturers have withdrawn several types of glasses from the market, which were an important part of our common product range. The reasons are renouncement of certain glass ingredients due to RoHS directives and decreasing profitability of certain glass types.

Therefore, lens manufacturers have to redesign lenses with appropriate glass types, which meet all the specifications and to ensure a long-term availability.

To get an overview of discontinued telecentric condensers and their successors please check the following chart:  

Previous Condenser Replacement Condenser Description Discontinuation
S6IRI3230/211 S6IRI1620/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 621 nm July 17
S6IRI3231/211 S6IRI1621/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 880 nm July 17
S6IRI3234/211 S6IRI1624/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 525 nm July 17
S6IRI3235/211 S6IRI1625/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 470 nm July 17
S6IRI3236/211 S6IRI1626/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 625 nm High Power July 17
S6IRI3237/211 S6IRI1627/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 455 nm High Power July 17
S6IRI3238/211 S6IRI1628/211 Telecentric LED Condenser 530 nm High Power July 17