Telecentric lenses for high precision color imaging with white illumination

22. August 2018

Color sensor standard has been defined by a 1-chip sensor with Bayer pattern for years.This resulted in low requirements for imaging lenses since a low spatial frequency looses tolerances and specifications regarding achievable contrast and lateral color error.

Nowadays technical possibilities and decreasing pixel sizes – even for color sensors – require higher demands to broadband color correction of machine vision lenses.

Therefore we redesigned two of our most successful series of telecentric lenses to improve color correction for high precision measurement applications with white illumination and high resolution color sensors.

Selected lenses for ½‘‘, 1/1.8‘‘, 2/3‘‘ and 1‘‘ sensors, based on the series Correctal T85 and Correctal T120, are offered in a special „Color“ version.

The central issue of the new design is the reduction of the lateral color error to increase the spatial resolution for a broadband wavelength region. Additionally, the lenses S5LPJ6125 and S5LPJ1725 are bi-telecentric to enable use in spectrometer and prism based multi sensor cameras. Please be aware, that chromatic focus shift of camera prism will affect the resolution for multi-sensor cameras.