Expansion of the Mini series

18. April 2018

Size is a matter of definition. Depending on the industrial sector, some millimeters can be a tolerance or determine the function. 

But laser material processing is established in very different technical sectors. Large steal constructions as well as components from the micro technology can be fabricated by lasers. Therefore there are scanner systems with different sizes for input beam diameters from 7 mm up to 30 mm.

The Mini series consists of a couple of F‑Theta lenses which are compatible with very small scanner systems.  Because of their small design the products are a cost‑efficient alternative to commercial F‑Theta lenses. Our catalogue includes a selection of lenses with different focal lengths and scan fields. The F‑Theta lenses from the current catalogue consist of optical glass and are suitable for lasers with wavelengths of 1064 nm and 532 nm.

Currently the S4LFT0763/126 expands the series. In spite of the compact design the non‑telecentric lens enables a scan field of 100 x 100 mm² at focal length of 163 mm. Two other lenses with focal lengths of 100 mm and 254 mm are already developed and will widen the product portfolio soon. The new lenses consist of fused silica, are ghost free and have a low absorbing coating. Therefore the new lenses are ideal for the use of short pulsed lasers or long time processes, where thermal stability is very important.