September 2019

Insights into Aspheric Lens Production and Metrology

NOVUS LIGHT Technologies Today / September 2019


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September 2018

Optische Fertigung für die Photonik des 21. Jahrhunderts

Veröffentlichung Bayern Photonics (Newsletter 9/2018)

Die Linse im Fokus

Veröffentlichung messtec drives Automation 9/2018

August 2018

Vision 2018: Neue Objektiventwicklungen im Fokus

Veröffentlichung WIN-Verlag

April 2018

Integrieren statt positionieren

Inspect Ausgabe 2/2018



March 2017

Telecentric lenses with variable working distance

Vision Systems Design March 2017


This lens has been granted the quality seal “inVISION Top Innovation 2017”.  The journal inVISION awarded this honor with an independent jury of experts for the third time and hence dignifies innovative products and solutions in the area of machine vision.